General Rental Conditions JT SKI RENT

Reservations on the website are confirmed only after availability verification and payment of 30% of the total service price. The customer can choose to pay the total amount at the time of booking or directly on-site, on the day of the activity, before the scheduled departure time.

Any cancellation made less than 24 hours before the scheduled date will result in the retention of 30% of the amount.

Any activity carried out at JT SKI RENT is subject to a contract.

By signing the contract, the customer declares to be aware of the general terms of sale.

The customer declares, under oath, to have the minimum physical fitness required for the activity.

The customer undertakes to follow the instructions provided by the instructor during the briefing, including navigation rules.

The customer declares not to be under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or illicit substances.

The customer must present himself 15 minutes before the scheduled time of the reserved activity.

In case of non-compliance with the rules, JT’SKY RENT may terminate the rental at any time.

In case of breakdown due to mechanical wear or other causes not attributable to the lessee, the contract will be terminated, and the lessee can schedule a new time with the lessor, subject to availability, to make up for the remaining time during which the rental could not be enjoyed. If the customer chooses not to rent the remaining time again, he will be refunded the paid amount, minus the time used.

If the customer decides to return before the end of the rental, no refund will be made.

Jet Ski Specifics

The customer declares to be at least 16 years old to be able to drive a jet ski alone and considers himself in good physical and mental condition to drive the rented jet ski, which has been delivered in good working order.

The customer declares and accepts having received appropriate instructions to operate the jet ski, as well as life jackets for safety, knowing that their use is mandatory.

The customer declares to have inspected the jet ski and found it in perfect working condition, equipped, and without damage.

The jet ski must be returned to the same location where it was delivered, exactly at the end of the contractual period and in the same condition as it was delivered. In case of damage or malfunctions due to imprudence, disobedience to the instructor’s instructions, or improper use of the jet ski, the customer will be responsible for the payment of the repairs caused to the vehicle. A minimum of 40,000 escudos must be paid immediately.

The customer agrees to follow the following safety rules:

– Do not circulate in the middle of anchored boats.
– Prohibition of entering swimming areas.
– Prohibition of entering KING FISHER bay.
– Do not circulate more than 2 miles from the coast.
– Maintain a minimum distance of 50 meters from fishing boats, 20 meters from rocks, and 20 meters from other jet skis.

Boat Tour Specifics

The Captain has the right to refuse boarding to anyone whose behavior may endanger the safety of passengers or disrupt the smooth running of the tour.

Only the ship’s captain is authorized to judge whether weather conditions allow the tour to take place or not, always with the aim of providing passengers with a visit in the best possible conditions.

When boarding and disembarking, each passenger must follow the crew’s instructions and respect safety rules. Animals and materials that may pose a danger to passengers or the crew will not be allowed on board.

JT SKI RENT reserves the right to charge the customer for any damage caused to the equipment on board by him or a member of his group.

Bathing allowed during stops is the responsibility of the customer.

During navigation, it is desirable and advisable to remain seated. However, if you decide to move, you do so at your own risk.

JT SKI RENT is not responsible for objects on board, damage to property, and personal belongings (jewelry, precious metals, personal documents, sound or image devices, cell phones, glasses, clothing, hand luggage, etc.).

In case of theft, loss, or damage to these objects, no compensation, reimbursement, or indemnification will be made.


Rental rates include mandatory liability insurance, as well as insurance for bodily injury and death of occupants. These coverages are guaranteed and managed by the insurance company with which the lessor has taken out the corresponding insurance policy and are subject to the conditions agreed upon in the general or specific conditions thereof, as well as the provisions of current legislation.


To resolve any conflicts arising from this contract, the judicial court of the Tarrafal district will be competent.